Upcoming events

Please join us for drinks and to raise money for SHIP!

February 16, 2017 at The Blue Side Tavern from 4:30-7:30pm.

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4 responses to “Upcoming events

  1. susan dwyer

    Hi,Can you explain more about how the events work? What does $15 cover at the event? Thank you!

    • Amanda Haddaway

      Yes! The $15 covers your first drink and a donation to that event’s beneficiary. Cocktails for a Cause does not take a cut of the money — we donate all proceeds to the organization that we are benefiting that evening.

  2. thatosystier@gmail.com

    Hello! With the early registration for the event, how do we designate which event we are supporting?

    • Amanda Haddaway

      Great question! When you register for an event, your money goes to the beneficiary that we are supporting that night. For example, if you register now for our next event on September 19, 2013, you will be supporting the Woman to Woman Mentoring Program.

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