AAF Greater Frederick Create-a-thon

A few months ago, Cocktails for a Cause was selected by AAF Greater Frederick as their nonprofit beneficiary for this year. What does this mean? It means that we received a ton of amazing advertising, marketing, branding and all sorts of other creative goodness for free! We’ll be releasing our new logo, photos, videos and more in the coming weeks and months, so get ready!

A HUGE “thank you” and “cheers” to everyone who helped with this awesome effort!

Whitney Hahn, Angela Ashbaugh, Sam Tressler and Meghan Boehman of Digital Bard

Laura Wallace and Amber Buhrman of Worx Graphic Design

Jennifer Gerlock of Want2Grow?

Lianne DeLawter of Enmasse

Jen Tyler of Kalico Design

Brad Johnson of PropertyRoom.com

Jed Spencer of Greenbaum & Bernstein

Sarah Thompson of Ascendex

Aynex Mercado of Aynex Designs

MK Battles of Mary Kate McKenna Photography

and Niko Negas and Richard Belles of Cornerstone Catering

More than $7,600 in services and food were donated during the Create-a-thon! Simply phenomenal!


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